Oleh: kangmaswiwit | Juni 13, 2007


I am remembered when watching Metro TV. I forget name of that documentary film.

Things which I comprehend and obtain from the film are:

  1. Portion 0.7 is man majority craving. So, comparison of waist wide and hip a woman is 0.7. For example is waist as wide as 66 cm and hip as wide as 94 cm.
  2. Research proves that man majority likes woman visually. While woman is passing character like establishing, gives protection, and the strongest is sweat aroma. Hmm, don’t know why.
  3. Smell sensory gives ‘ signal ‘ often do not be realized. The usual stems from sweat, more precisely matter which so called pheromone. This matter has responsibility to interest of man to woman. Usually the conformity is attributed to immune system owned by man.
  4. On the other side, symmetrical factor gives interest of woman to man. Research proves that around 24 hours before ovulation, woman has body which more symmetrical, seen from ear, hand, and face. This thing generates interest for man.
  5. Man who work relates to art, like artist and poet, has fascination twice bigger than others.
  6. Madly indium love is claimed will generate the same euphoria with when consuming cocaine which ended at lost because focus by one things only.
  7. That’s all folks. Addition: brain consumes 20% from O2 breathed in, 25% from calorie obtained, 40% from glucose got by body.



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